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8mm Hybrid For Stability

Hybrid flooring is an innovative new product produced with SPC (stone plastic composite) which is far more stable than traditional laminate which is produced with wood fibre . The decorative surface of Hybrid is produced with new technology offering a more realistic and authentic look.

Yet, all hybrid is not made equal. Different Hybrid offerings on the market vary in their construction and their consequent durability and stability.

The main point of difference with Trojan Hybrid planks is that our product at 8mm is thicker than most on the market.

Trojan PROFESSIONAL Hybrid - Spotted Gum

But why is 8mm so important?

The thinner the plank the more critical it is that the subfloor is as flat as possible, this higher level of floor preparation can be fairly expensive, and negates any saving on the cheaper planks.

Trojan Professional Hybrid being 8mm allows for a stronger more stable locking system. Combined with our 1mm acoustic backing, ensures you have both a stable and quiet floor.

Trojan Professional Hybrid is highly durable and comes with a 20 year wear-and-tear warranty so you will have the peace of mind that you have a product that will last.

Trojan PROFESSIONAL Hybrid - Burnt Oak

Trojan Professional Hybrid also has a host of other benefits making it a great flooring alternative, including:

  • Commercial Grade Ceramic Coating

  • AC4 Wear rating

  • Unilin Click system

For more information surrounding the Trojan Professional Hybrid range, contact Trojan Timbers at 3861 4422.

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