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Introducing the “After European Oak” Collection.

Currently the market for timber floor is flush with various stained and natural European Oaks – while these floors are beautiful it ponders the question – What comes after European Oak?

Throughout the years timber flooring options have evolved, resulting in various trends on the market. The last several years have seen a decrease in the number of actual species being offered.

While we once relied on natural species for colour variation, European Oaks are now subject to colour manipulation in order to give us dark floors the Oak is smoked or stained , light floors are bleached or limed. Basically we have unlimited product variety through customised colouring options.

This process is good for the environment as it optimises available resource, however every floor will carry the distinct cathedral grain effect of European Oak.

The After European Oak collection offers a sustainable alternative for those who love a clean and classic finish and want a unique colour variation.

Our after European range utilises local Australian species, Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash, these timbers are planation grown or controlled specie, ensuring we meet or environmental responsibilities.

The After European Oak range can also be produced in just about any colour. Ultimately, this range offers a classic and contemporary modern floor.

For more information surrounding The After European Oak Collection, contact Trojan Timbers at 3861 4422.

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