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Introducing the Vecchio Collection!

Trojan is proud to present the latest addition to our PROFLOOR range.

Inspired by the rugged nature of timber, the Vecchio Collection was crafted to maintain the natural scars and patterns of wood. The collection reflects the true beauty of nature, with open grain and natural defects, offering eye-catching detail and an exquisite floor. Sophisticated, vintage atmospheres are easily achieved due to the intricate details of the timber grain. These specialised planks ensure breath-taking floors that compliment any design concept. Achieve stunning floors down to the very last detail with Vecchio.

For peace of mind, Trojan ensures that all of the PROFLOOR ranges are produced to the highest quality.

Therefore, the Vecchio Collection is AWTA certified as fire safe and FSC certified as ethically and environmentally produced.

Manufactured using a multilayer, lamella system, PROFLOOR sets standards, in terms of stability, around the world. Trojan is so confident in all of the PROFLOOR collections that we offer a 30-Year Structural Warranty.

The beautiful and detailed decors of Vecchio ensure stunning floors with practicality, stability and structural integrity.

The collection is currently available in the following decors.

Ensure timeless and elegant flooring in your project with Vecchio.

As Vecchio is a specialised Trojan Collection, this flooring is available for projects only. A minimum order quantity applies.

For more information surrounding the Vecchio Collection,

contact Trojan Timbers at 3861 4422.

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