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The Benefits of Bamboo

Have you been dreaming of beautiful timber floors but need a more cost effective option?

Look no further than bamboo.

At 35 to 40% cheaper than traditional timber flooring, bamboo is a cost-effective option to replicate the timber flooring look and enhance a home.

At Trojan, we understand that choosing the right flooring requires a lot of deliberation. To help you with your decision, we’ve compiled 3 important benefits of bamboo flooring.

Bamboo is exceptionally strong and durable and is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. If you want to achieve a timber-floor look in a high traffic area, bamboo may be the way to go.

Bamboo is naturally resistant to scuffs, stains and splintering, and therefore, is easy to look after.

If you’re an environmentally savvy individual, or you’d just like to reduce your footprint where possible, bamboo’s all-natural properties may interest you. Bamboo is also highly renewable and reaches maturity within 3-5 years. This allows the material to be harvested regularly, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. Trojan’s bamboo flooring does not contain any added material, allowing you to achieve the floor of your dreams without harming the environment.

Trojan’s bamboo flooring is sourced from manufacturers who have an accredited Environment Management System. These companies aim to prevent pollution, reduce consumption of resources and manage waste appropriately. In addition to its environmentally responsible properties, Trojan bamboo is manufactured to 14mm thickness to ensure high stability of the flooring. We are so confident in our flooring that Trojan bamboo comes with a 15 year warranty.

Although Trojan highly recommends bamboo as an alternative to timber flooring, if your room is over 6m in width, we would always recommend an engineered floor. That said, bamboo installed in the right location will perform year in year out.

For more information on Trojan bamboo, click here.

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