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A Hampton’s style home encapsulates relaxation. If you crave calm and classic interiors that don’t require constant updating, this is the look for you.

When designing a Hampton’s style home, it is important to let nature take centre stage. But don't worry, if you don’t have a luxurious beach-front property, you can still bring the outside in through the use of natural materials.

Timber flooring is one of the main elements of a Hampton’s style home. The neutral colour palette of these homes makes timber the perfect fit!

At Trojan Timbers, we understand that choosing the right flooring is extremely difficult.

With Trojan's engineered timber flooring, PROFLOOR, you won't have to worry. While our decors will compliment and enhance Hampton's style homes, they are also timeless in their own right. Our flooring is made to last and comes in a variety of decors that will create a Hampton's look in your home.

PROFLOOR is the perfect option, as Trojan’s planks have low sheen to enhance the raw appearance of the timber floor. This organic look will further enhance the Hampton’s feel and ambiance.

If timber flooring is not in your budget, you can still achieve the Hampton’s look with vinyl! Trojan PROFESSIONAL is luxury vinyl flooring that is EIR embossed to realistically replicate the timber look.

To encapsulate the minimalist, natural and relaxing vibes of the Hampton's, compliment your new timber or vinyl flooring with neutral coloured furniture and shutters!

A popular choice is the use of white with pops of colour. Add wicker furniture to capture beachy vibes and stick to classic colours to ensure your home is timeless.

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