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French Door Benefits

Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, it can be difficult to design your home space especially when you’re unsure of the final look or future maintenance. Therefore it’s a good idea to stick with something aesthetically pleasing that is both beautiful and timeless. French doors do just that job. Installing these doors inserts a clean, sleek and contemporary feeling, regardless of you interior features. But most importantly, they are incredibly easy to work around if you wanted to change your décor in the future.

Constructed of two single doors opening in the middle (as mentioned in our Single Lite Door Rejuvenation blog), they allow for wide access into rooms or even out onto your outdoor setting. Aside from their numerous advantages, we have managed to pull together the top three reasons why French doors are a great investment for your property.


When it comes to French doors, their diversity allows for both internal and external installations. You can almost think of them as a great base to build around. Their easy customisation benefit allows owners to create features involving side windows or panelling that can look really impressive. In addition to this, simple design tweaks such as door staining, glass styling, handle selections and security options can also add that extra finish.


Homeowners would agree that creating and making the most of their space is a top priority when producing their desired look. French doors assist with this aim by developing the feeling of openness in areas whether they’re used internally or leading outside. You can think of it almost as an illusion, these doors don’t necessarily create more space but instead make it feel like there is additional room.

Additional Light

Depending on the design of spaces, natural light can be really difficult to attain throughout properties. On the other hand, French doors are a great way to generate the flow of natural light throughout areas of your home. With the double light enhancement from these doors, the time and cost of installing new windows or even skylights can be avoided. Not only does natural light add that extra charm to spaces but it creates comfort, can change the tone of a property and increases energy efficiency!

French doors have always been a favourite here at Trojan ultimately because of their simple adaptability and endless customisation options. Download our brochure here!

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact our office on (07) 3861 4422. Alternatively you can visit our website to review our collections and also download our brochures!

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