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Trends to Expect in 2016

It’s only the first month of the year and already we’re seeing changes in design concepts that people are aiming for. Whether its colour schemes, materials or accessorising; new styles are predicted to take the market by storm. With 2016 set to be a year full of new interior ideas and few leading trends continuing from last year, one thing is for sure, things are shifting fast!

The idea of visible natural materials is set to dominate interiors with wood leading the way. This friendly yet simple characteristic is not only rich in personality but it is incredibly easy to work with in complimenting endless decors. “Bringing the outdoors in” and the notion of minimalism are also expected to go hand-in-hand, diverging away from previous quantity overload designs. Timber is certainly the frontrunner when it comes to these natural textures as it ultimately creates simplicity and provides a canvas for additional layering. Here at Trojan we offer various selections of timber flooring including a European Oak range and various specie favourites including Tasmanian Oak and Spotted Gum. With numerous designs to choose from we are confident there is something to suit everybody!

When it comes to colour palettes for this year, warm and golden tones are definitely emerging, and in some cases continuing, as a popular choice for people. Working in conjunction with these hues are “modern metallics” which indeed add sophistication and style. In this case, the shades offered by timber, bamboo or vinyl flooring collectively creates either a base or focal point of a space; not to mention it goes perfect with metallic! The limitless design choices available through these flooring options would undoubtedly cater to any interior envision.

The rapid popularity surrounding a new wave of vinyl flooring was evident in the later part of 2015 and this year it is likely to control the industry due to high demand. This new construction of vinyl planks have diverged significantly away from the well-known cheap sheet flooring and are now making spaces look more impressive than ever; not to mention its generousity when it comes to the budget! Trojan’s new luxury vinyl range adopts and integrates these advantages with the added incentive of a larger plank size and close resemblance of wood flooring, producing a remarkable final look!

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