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Single Lite Door Rejuvenation

People often underestimate the importance of doors when it comes to designing the interior and exterior of their property. Just the right door style is ultimately the finishing touch that can really make a big difference to the atmosphere of your home or space. Choosing doors that allow for natural light along with obtaining sound and privacy whilst adding to your overall décor are very few and far between. To put it simply, single lite doors are your answer.

Being the most universally adaptable door, they are a great choice when bringing natural light into spaces; creating spaciousness and adding an extra element of style. Their cost effectiveness and simplicity make Trojan single lite doors an easy choice for all property owners. With the added bonus of being able to control your privacy, single lite designs are available in both transparent and frosted glass styles.

Whilst these doors are quickly becoming an architectural feature in many spaces, they ultimately have the ability to blur the boundaries between outdoors and indoors. Painted or stained, they are capable of being altered to suit any interior and can be modified into Bi-fold, French, Sliding or even impressive Entry Door sets! The versatility and elegance of a simple single lite door is a striking design feature to any property!

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact our office on (07) 3861 4422. Alternatively you can visit our website to review our collections and also download our brochures!

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