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2017 Interior Trends Forecast

Here at Trojan we love to analyse the upcoming interior trends that are set to dominate the market each and every year. 2017 is finally here and experts across the industry have had their say. Overall, it looks like this year will bring an entirely new mood to interiors with Earthy and natural themes being emphasised by specific colour palettes, textures and materials. Bringing nature into our homes to create cosiness and warmth is the underlying influence for this year, and if that is anything to go by then Trojan definitely has you covered!

The Hamptons look in Australia is anticipated to stay around due to its growing popularity in our coastal lifestyles. With this primary style going hand in hand with classical and sophisticated interiors, it’s no surprise that the desire for incorporating wider and longer timber flooring planks is still in high demand. This aesthetic is best known for having fewer joint lines and thus highlighting the wood’s natural knots and grain characteristics. With this trend being a hot favourite here at Trojan, we cater for this look in both of our timber and vinyl flooring collections. Offering these larger plank sizes to the market allows owners to create that sleek yet refined appearance in countless residential and commercial spaces.

As textures are also predicted to play a huge role in this year’s themes, hand-crafted finishes are forecasted to make the biggest impact this year. The beauty of this feature is the numerous décor types that can be achieved – vintage, rustic, industrial and the list goes on. Flooring is certainly no exception to this slight finishing that makes a huge difference to areas. Trojan’s European Oak flooring range will definitely be one to look out for with this fashion, especially due to its hand-finished stains and stress to the hardwood. This product not only creates a sense of prestige and elegance in properties, but it ultimately establishes an overall feel of confidence.

While soft colour palettes are expected to be left behind, a huge shift towards darker and richer tones will be on the rise. Colours schemes including reds, hazelnut, oranges and chestnut will be paired with forest greens which underpin these natural and Earth themes. Therefore, it’s time to welcome back the warm and classic deeper colours, particularly when it comes to flooring options. These trendy rich colour arrangements are set to lead the way in 2017, as property owners are looking to make bold statements in their spaces. Trojan provides for these shades and tones in all of our ranges; whether it is timber, vinyl or bamboo flooring.

There is no doubt that there will always be room for timber flooring on the market, its beauty and timelessness is something that will never go out of style. From the feel and comfort to the aroma of natural wood in your home, it’s truly one-of-a-kind. No matter what the current trends are telling us, timber flooring will fit in with wherever whenever.

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