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Choosing Colours for your Timber Floor

The use of colours can be the most critical decision in any design concept. Colours have a way of promoting a “feel” to the finished room, home or project. Often colours can evoke a warm, cold or neutral feel. When we think of colours we often think of paint for walls or fabrics for items of furniture however timber with its natural colour variations can evoke the same emotional response.

The first mistake that people usually make is thinking all wood-looking flooring is practically the same. On the market today there are numerous options available for spaces, depending on the desired vision and feel. When selecting your floor coverings you need to consider the type of floor, colour and specie that will complement your ideas most.

Any type of wood-like flooring can create the perfect appearance and impression that portrays your intended concepts. Lighter floors generally bring a sense of light and spaciousness with an overall contemporary look. Darker surfaces produce a more elegant and sophisticated feel, a current popular choice mentioned in our flooring trends blog.

Colour contrasting is not only a top design principle but it’s also the main way to enliven a space. So, if you are seeking that bold statement, ensure that whatever your base surface colour is, the furnishings and other elements are of an opposite shade. However, it does all depend on what your personal envision for your project is but you simply can’t go wrong with a wood floor covering, the possibilities are simply endless!

Here at Trojan we offer a wide variety of flooring such as engineered timber, bamboo and vinyl plank or tile options to suit any design idea or price range. Our timber range includes various options from contemporary stables such as Tasmanian Oak through to our Antique range selected for a more prestige theme. Trojan’s luxury vinyl selection involves a vast range of colours and styles in loose lay and dry back planks along with tiles. Our bamboo collection also provides three alternating shades to choose from which include natural, carbonised and antique Balinese which can assist with many design concepts.

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact our office on (07) 3861 4422. Alternatively you can visit our website to review our collections and also download our brochures!

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