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Current Flooring Trends on the Market

Interior styles consistently change from year to year and flooring is no exception. The right flooring can create the perfect base for a room or complement existing designs. There are more flooring options available today than ever before and these flooring trends will certainly help you in deciding which floor is most suitable for your desired aesthetic!

Luxury Vinyl:

Luxury vinyl has taken the market by storm this year and has become the most popular flooring option for both residential and commercial sectors. It may be a surprise for some, but vinyl has come a long way from the days of tacky sheet flooring and today provides an impressive look that is easy to install. The biggest advantages of modern vinyl flooring is the durability, versatility, comfort and style that produces a floor covering that performs in the most demanding environments. Not to mention the realistic hardwood look that vinyl can provide but can be achieved at a fraction of the cost!

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Bamboo Flooring:

Bamboo flooring has also improved significantly as a design product as it’s expanded from the long boring strips. This flooring on today’s market is not only considered more eco-friendly but its cost effective, requires low maintenance and incorporates natural material. The durability that now comes with this type of flooring is incredible and comes in a variety of styles, giving hardwood a run for its money!

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The larger plank and tile:

2015 has definitely been the year of “the bigger the better” in regards to flooring designs that can make a huge difference in creating an impressive floor. Not only can it make spaces look larger but the stability in the flooring itself increases whilst producing the more modern look. As vinyl planks and tiles in particular are available in numerous designs and styles, this appearance is a lot easier and cheaper to create than you may think!

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Dark Hardwood:

Very dark wood stains are proving to be very popular on the market at the moment as it creates that contemporary and classic look that many people crave in their spaces. Engineered flooring is leading the way in this specific look because it provides the stability and consistency but can also provide a bold statement for your room, especially when paired with neutral furnishings.

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Grey Flooring:

This particular shade of flooring has now become a new shade of “neutral” and has proved to be really popular amongst home owners following on from grey interior designs over past years. This shade is most common in luxury vinyl flooring as other options can show to be steeper in price due to the unique colouring not regularly seen in hardwoods.

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Old world meets new:

The most prevalent interior design trend overall is the more distressed and classic flooring collaborated with newer interior styles and furnishings. It’s basically a blend of the old and the new. This flooring is best achieved through oil finished flooring that create a more antique look whilst making a more prestigious and elegant statement.

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