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Timber Floors and Your Ceilings

In a previous blog, we discussed how the use of timber flooring has expanded far beyond just floors alone.

The use of timber is not just a practical option, but an integral design choice. Depending on the species and age of the timber, you can create modern, bright interior sprawls or areas that have a more classic, warm feel. Whether applied on the floors, walls or the ceiling, timber flooring can create a space that is unique, inviting and on a practical level, durable.

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From a design perspective

When talking about aesthetics, not enough can be said of the uniqueness a design that comprises timber flooring can bring. Timber ceilings or wall features can bring in some much needed character to a home or commercial space.

Below are examples of such properties where timber wasn’t just utilised for the flooring but for other areas too. A ceiling or wall comprising timber flooring adds character, especially when said flooring is used in varying ways within a property. When observing its use for more parts of a room, it’s hard to ignore the simple but effective visual impact it has.

From a practical perspective

When looking at timber on a practical level, there are the benefits we’ve spoken of in a previous blog, but did you also know that timber is a fantastic insulator? For cooler climates, or even those more moderate climates during the winter, a premises utilising timber can help you maintain more consistent, warmer temperatures than other materials. On the other end of the scale, premises with good insulation will better handle warmer temperatures and prove more comfortable than those that use materials that aren’t renowned for being good insulators.

So if you’re looking for a material that is durable, visually impactful, renewable and effective at maintaining more consistent temperatures, then timber flooring is a fantastic option – whether you use it for your floors or otherwise.

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