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The Popularity of Bamboo Flooring

When deciding on a floor for your home or commercial property, have you ever considered bamboo?

Over the last few years, bamboo flooring has excelled in popularity, and for good reason. Along with being a highly plentiful and renewable resource, bamboo also offers comparable natural beauty and durability as timber floors. As businesses and individuals grow more environmentally conscious, flooring options such as bamboo present themselves as an appealing choice. The shorter maturity span means that bamboo can be harvested more regularly and, in turn, makes it an eco-friendly and renewable flooring option.

The expansion and improvement of bamboo flooring

As the popularity of bamboo flooring grows, so has the range of styles and colour options. Improved construction has also come into play, with highly-engineered strand woven bamboo being a key example. Our Trojan bamboo is a strand woven construction.

The method for production of strand woven bamboo involves weaving the bamboo fibres into an adhesive base, then compressing the fibre under extreme pressure. The results in the formation of a very strong bamboo plank.

Trojan’s range

Whether you’re considering having bamboo installed in your home, office, or commercial space, we have a range suited to your needs. Bamboo, much like timber, is fantastic if you want to create a natural feel in your space with a floor that is also incredibly durable and resilient to high levels of foot traffic.

Our range of bamboo floors comprise Natural, Honey, Carbonised and Antique Balinese.

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