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Bringing Nature Inside with Timber Floors

When it comes to modern design, many homes and buildings can become lost in a labyrinth of glass, plastic and concrete.

As certain design continues to grow more artificial, building materials that help bring a sense of nature back into residential and commercial properties hold a unique appeal. Timber floors are just one such example.

Bringing nature inside

With the increased demand of working hours becoming a regular today, the majority of people are therefore spending most hours indoors. Whether it’s at home or work, including nature into the interior design of properties can indeed create happy and healthy environments.

Through the use of timber in particular, this material ensures durability but also creates a timeless décor to your space. Developing multi-sensory stimulation from this natural material can enable better moods and has measurable health benefits through possessing a feeling of warmth and depth.

Timber floors and an elevated sense of nature

Along with plants and natural light, timber floors can help maintain and enhance the overall natural feel of your interior space. How you utilise timber flooring can extend beyond the typical floor installation by incorporating wall and ceiling features using this material. Combining your timber flooring with other nature-focused changes to the office or home will shift your space from feeling artificial and instead refining it with a greater sense of nature and warmth.

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