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The Benefits of Engineered Timber Flooring

Impressions matter. As does quality and durability. That’s why engineered timber floors, such as those offered by PROFLOOR, have proved so popular in commercial settings, be it a showroom, gym, art gallery, general office space or a residential high rise.

Multi-Layer Construction = Stability

PROFLOOR engineered timber flooring is built with stability in mind, and this is achieved through a patented multi-layered construction (the Lamella system) that makes it extremely stable and far less susceptible to changes in humidity which is a common occurrence with traditional timber floors or Bamboo.

Ease of Installation – Offers Choice

Engineered Timber Floors are popular choices among the building/construction industry due to the ease of installation. With traditional timber flooring the decision to include timber floors must be made at the onset. The original design requires set downs during construction for the plywood or batons to be installed and then for the traditional timber to be installed over it. This is to ensure the timber floor once installed finishes level with door thresholds etc (traditional floor on average once installed takes up 28mm). Engineered timber floor is no thicker than carpet or tiles, so the original build can be basic and less expensive than allowing for the set down. It also provides an option to the customer or designer to include timber floors at a later date without hassle or expense.


As with any type of timber floor, Engineered Flooring comes in a wide variety of options. Within the Single Strip Collection we offer many options which include standards such as Tasmanian Oak, Spotted Gum or Blackbutt to exotic species such as Kempas or Merbau.

Our new Meilleur range of genuine German and French Oaks which are available in a variety of surface options including smoked, limed, stained distressed or hand finished. With wide 190mm boards this range inspires and leads the current trends to more natural floor coverings. Offering various ‘looks or themes’, the Meilleur range can be used in contemporary or classic designs.

Given the extensive processes employed to ensure a durable, peerless quality for each engineer timber floor option, the above ranges all come with a 30-year warranty. Regardless of which type you choose, an Engineered Timber Floor is ideal for almost any environment where high foot traffic and general activity is a known constant.

Acoustic Installations

With the increased development of residential high rise apartments, the issue of acoustics has become a major consideration. We are specialists in acoustic installations. Our PROFLOOR Engineered Timber Flooring, together with our Silent Walk acoustic underlay is a tested reliable solution to any acoustic concerns you may have.

Silent Walk is an acoustic underlay that helps reduce rebound and telegraph sound within your home or office. It is a loose lay which make it very economical and easy to install and more importantly exceeds the industry standard for acoustic installations

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact our office on (07) 3861 4422. Alternatively you can visit our website to review our collections and also download our brochures!

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