Trojan Acoustic Underlay

Trojan’s range of wood floor acoustic underlayment includes Trojan IQ and Silent Walk

As timber and laminate floors become more popular the issue of sound transmission becomes very important. There are two types of sound we should consider when installing a timber or laminate floor. Telegraph sound and rebound sound, Telegraphing is when the sound transfers through the floor and to the unit or room below. Rebound is when we hear the sound of our own feet as we walk on the floor- A good acoustic underlay will reduce both telegraph and rebound sound and is certainly worth the small investment.

  • Fill small undulation in the floor to help provide a smoother surface

  • Provides underfoot cushioning to hard concrete or timber subfloors

  • Improves acoustics - reduces rebound sound and noise transmission to lower levels in multi-story commercial and residential buildings 

  • Trojan IQ and Silent walk have a built-in moisture-resistant barrier to help protect the timber floor 

Engineered Timber TImber Acoustic Baking Diagram

Trojan IQ

Trojan IQ is Trojan’s premium acoustic underlay, which offers excellent noise reduction properties and is a moisture inhibitor. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications. This underlay significantly reduces foot traffic noise and sound transmission. Trojan IQ underlay is recommended for use under any engineered or laminated timber floor, where superior acoustic performance is required.

rubber underlay.jpg



Silent Walk

Silent Walk is Trojan’s industry standard acoustic loose-laid underlay that does not require expensive gluing or preparation. Silent Walk acoustic underlay is a closed cell foam designed with a PVC moisture barrier to help protect the timber floor.