Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring

Trojan Professional Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring offers various benefits and advantages when used within particular spaces. As this flooring includes a commercially rated durable surface, it can therefore be incorporated within high traffic areas along with homes and offices. Our range of loose lay vinyl has been selected for its uniqueness. We hope it both inspires and adds to your design objectives.

Loose lay luxury vinyl planks are considered a uniquely designed flooring alternative that is manufactured to a high quality, therefore providing areas with both stylish and durable flooring. Bringing elegance and flexible design characteristics, this specific flooring provides the opportunity to create remarkable spaces in both commercial and residential environments.

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DIY Benefits:

As our loose lay planks are produced with a unique anti-slip backing, the installation process is simple and does not require a professional. Being a true DIY product, the planks are laid by butting up the edges tightly which not only looks impressive but provides extensive stability. This flooring therefore does not require complete 100% gluing to the subfloor nor the expensive subfloor preparation that traditional flooring needs. However, if your space consists of more than 30m2 we recommend that the use of pressure sensitive glue is used around the perimeter or elsewhere in a grid formation to help keep the planks in place.

Acoustic Advantages:

Trojan Professional Loose Lay Vinyl has been tested and exceeded the industry acoustic requirements for high residential units, without the need for a secondary underlay. Many factors affect acoustic performance. If acoustic requirements are critical to your development, we would always recommend site specific testing for your individual project. Talk to us and see if Trojan Professional is suitable for your next project.



Australian Range

Our collection of loose lay luxury vinyl planks incorporates a wood grain embossing, giving your flooring a natural and unique look. The individual plank size throughout this range is 1219mm x 228mm x 5mm, larger than most currently offered on the market. This range consists of nine hand picked styles chosen precisely for their high quality finish and design flexibility.


Custom Range

If you are looking for a vinyl floor that is a little more unique, exclusive and very impressive please contact us direct to discuss your next project and the options available. We are able to custom produce any colour or texture to suit and also have the ability to colour match. Please note minimum quantities do apply for custom flooring and availability is confirmed at time of order. Contact us directly for more information.