Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of vinyl flooring?

Trojan Professional Luxury Vinyl flooring holds numerous benefits and advantages to cater for endless design ideas. This particular flooring is considerably durable and maintains high quality under heavy foot traffic. As we offer a larger plank size to the market, not only does this provide increased stability but it creates an impressive and appealing floor. With simple installation methods, Trojan vinyl is hard-wearing flooring that is easy to clean and does not require considerable maintenance.

Where can you install vinyl flooring?

Trojan Professional Luxury Vinyl and Tiles can be installed throughout any interior spaces except wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Our ranges are also commercially rated and can therefore be installed in many high traffic commercial locations along with residential properties.

Will my vinyl floor scratch?

Trojan Professional flooring incorporates a durable protective coating within the design of the vinyl planks themselves which assists in preserving the state of the flooring. You can also assist in preventing damage to your floor in many ways including laying mats at entry doors, placing cups under furniture and avoid pushing furniture across the flooring.

How is vinyl flooring installed?

Here at Trojan we provide two different vinyl flooring collections, loose lay and dry back, which have alternative installation methods. Loose lay flooring involves laying the planks and butting up the edges tightly throughout the space that the flooring is being installed. However in areas larger than 30m2 we recommend that pressure sensitive glue is applied around the perimeter. Our dry back ranges are for more high traffic areas and involve both tiles and planks that require the flooring to be directly stuck to the sub-floor for stability.

What sub-floor can vinyl floor be installed on?

Vinyl flooring is designed for installation on a flat sub-floor, according to Australian Standards AS 1884-2012 Floor Coverings. The sub-floor can be concrete, plywood or timber which must be dry, stable and level.

Do I need a secondary underlay before laying vinyl flooring?

No, Trojan Professional Loose Lay Vinyl has exceeded the industry requirements for high-rise residential units without the need for a secondary underlay.

What are the dimensions of Trojan vinyl planks and tiles?

Our loose lay vinyl planks are 1219mm x 228mm and the dry back planks are 1220mm x 220mm whilst our tile measurements are 457mm x 457mm or 304.5mm x 609mm.

What is the thickness of the vinyl planks and tiles?

Our loose lay vinyl planks are 5mm and the dry back planks are 2.5mm whilst our tile thickness is also 2.5mm.

How many different designs are available?

The Trojan Professional Loose Lay range includes nine separate colours whilst our dry back collection involves over twenty two various colours and Trojan’s tile options include ten different designs. However we are also able to produce custom make styles and textures or colour match for larger projects.

Are your vinyl floors guaranteed?

Trojan Professional Luxury Vinyl Planks comes with a 10 year commercial warranty and 15 year domestic warranty.