Dry Back Planks and Tiles

Trojan Professional Dry Back Vinyl is imported specifically for projects such as high rise residential installations and commercial fit outs. This collection encompasses ranges of both tiles and planks that provide endless design possibilities. Throughout our range you’ll be sure to discover extensive colours and textures which are available to assist you in achieving your design goals.

Luxury dry back vinyl is a perfect design choice for high traffic spaces due to its incredible durability and resilience but most importantly its impressive realistic appearance. Not only does this flooring provide the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance, but the distinct design elements ensure the suitability for both commercial and residential spaces.

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This direct stick installation method requires the vinyl to be glued down using a permanent bond directly to the subfloor to ensure stability and help add resistance to the plank. The direct stick process overall provides a more solid feel and reduces rebound noise that is often associated with other methods.

Trojan Professional Dry Back Vinyl Planks

Trojan Professional Luxury Dry Back Planks are a versatile range of contemporary designs created through intensive industry trend analysis to offer a distinct palette selection. Our dry back planks are available in various styles including classic, distressed and metal with each design finished with a rustic wood embossed texture with a micro bevelled edge.

The innovative design behind luxury vinyl dry back planks not only provides a natural and realistic look of wooden flooring but it ultimately boasts longevity. Whether it is required for a commercial environment or for the comfort of your own home, this vinyl flooring is commended for its resilience; low maintenance requirements and overall aesthetic feel within spaces.

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The dry back planks are glued using a permanent bond, to ensure stability in the plank and to help add resistance to the plank distorting. With a .05 to .07 commercial wear layer, the plank is designed to perform in the most demanding environments. Our range contains a wide variety of designs however our planks can also be produced to your requirements, so talk to us about your next project.

Trojan Professional Dry Back Vinyl Plank Range

Our collection of dry back luxury vinyl planks incorporates a wood grain embossing, giving your flooring a natural and unique look. The individual plank size throughout this range is 1220mm x 220mm x 2.5mm, with our plank size being larger than the industry norm and offering an impressive more natural look. Set out below are the more popular designs from our range, however we are also able to produce custom colours and textures to suit your ideas. Talk to us about your next project, we would welcome the opportunity to be involved!

Trojan Professional Dry Back Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles are a superb flooring option that imitates natural materials to create incredible flooring designs suitable for various colour schemes and furnishings. The uniqueness of these vinyl tiles emanate from the distinct manufacturing process through to the complete aesthetic of the flooring once easily installed.

Trojan Professional Luxury Vinyl Tiles involves designs inspired by nature’s natural colours which stem from stone and gravel along with metallic colours such as copper and silver. Produced to the same exacting standards as our plank range, our tiles are sure to perform in the most demanding environments. However it’s not just this that makes Trojan a great choice, our vinyl tiles have strong design flexibility, are easy to install and are essentially comfortable underfoot.

Our selection of designs comprise of extremely durable and resilient tiles that involve advantages of low maintenance requirements and simple cleaning benefits. Whether incorporated into commercial or residential properties, this range of luxury vinyl tiles is guaranteed to perform all year round.

Trojan Professional Dry Back Vinyl Tile Range

Our collection of loose lay luxury vinyl tiles incorporates various textures, providing an impressive look for your flooring. The individual tile size throughout this range is 457mm x 457mm x 2.5mm or 609mm x 304.5mm x 2.5mm. Here are a few styles from the extensive range available: