The correct installation of timber flooring is critical to the final look and performance.

For these reasons Trojan Timbers offer an in house installation service for our flooring range.
Our approach to all projects is one of a consultative partnership. Prior to any installation we look to understand your needs and design objectives. This ensures the project is properly managed and offers you peace of mind.

As we control both supply and installation, all work is fully guaranteed by Trojan Timbers. In addition you have only one port of call to discuss any issues in the project, a real benefit to ensuring clear communication and the right final result.

Our Services include advice on:

  1. Site suitability
  2. Product selection – the best option suited to your needs
  3. Acoustic installation requirements
  4. Finishing options

Methods for installation

There are various methods for installing our hardwood engineered flooring, each has various advantages and benefits, below is a brief summary  of each. You are welcome to talk to us about your specific need or location to determine which method is best for your particular application

Floating installation

This is where the floor is installed floating over the underlay and sub floor, it is only glued to itself, the timber floor is installed in a random pattern, the floor is engineered to stay stable and flat and is held in place by the use of skirting and finishing trims.

Direct Stick

Our floors can be direct stick, this is where the floor is direct stuck to the subfloor, the glue is trowelled with a 3mm notched trowel similar to a tile application. The direct stick method will provide a more solid feel and reduce rebound noise often associated with the floating method.

Acoustic installations

Our PROFLOOR Hardwood flooring comes as a system with our Trojan IQ acoustic underlay. This is a loose laid underlay, it does not require expensive gluing or prepping, it is fast to install and will not hold the project up. The floor is then installed using the floating method.

Advantages of Trojan IQ acoustic underlay:

  • Offers excellent acoustical reduction properties by reducing foot traffic noise and sound transmission to lower levels
  • Can be installed in both residential and commercial environments
  • Most suitable for use over concrete, particle board, plywood and traditional wooden sub floors
  • Is a sound, moisture and thermal inhibiting underlay
  • Recommended for use under any floating floor installation

Trojan IQ Acoustic Underlay: The Ultimate in Wood Floor Underlay

rubber underlay

Better Sound

Some wood floors have a reputation of creating a “clickey” or hollow sound when walked on. However, Trojan IQ is designed to draw sound in and deaden it, not deflect it.Trojan IQ reduces both rebound and telegraph sound produced in standard two story houses and high rise developments.

Installations over Normal Concrete: Subsurface moisture or sweating from high-humidity on concrete can cause real problems for laminate or floating wood flooring. The vapour barrier keeps water away from the floor.

Protection from Leaks: Accidental leakage from faulty icemakers, leaky plumbing, spills, etc. can cause problems for some laminate, engineered and floating hardwood floors. Trojan IQ floating floor underlay helps protect flooring from potentially harmful moisture. The Moisture barrier will protect your laminate or wood floor from harmful moisture.

Moderate amounts of moisture will eventually dissipate over time, provided that the source of water such as a leak is stopped.