Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace damaged boards?

As all our timber floors can be re-sanded it would require significant damage to warrant replacing full planks. However our skilled installation team can do this. Contact Trojan Timbers for more information.

Can I direct stick the floor?

Yes, you can direct stick the floor, however we recommend that our floors are installed floating. The multi layer floor is engineered to float and is a key design feature in adding stability to your floor. Direct sticking the engineered floor can restrict the movement of the floor as it adjusts to the changing climate conditions. It must always be remembered that our timber floors are timber, and timber will move (expand and contract). The floating installation is the best approach which allows for this movement.

How do I clean the floor?

Simply vacuum, removing the surface dust and then wipe over with a damp mop. It’s that easy.

Does the floor scratch?

All timber floors will scratch and PRO-FLOOR is no exception, however, as it can be re-sanded, extreme damage can easily be repaired.

Can I polish the floor?

There is no need to polish your new timber floor. The finished surface is impervious and will not allow the polish to penetrate. Various products (Not cups) to help maintain the sheen of your floor are available. Contact Trojan Timbers for more information.

Will water damage the floor?

Normal day to day living and spills etc will not damage your floor. However, continuous water from say a leaking dishwasher or fridge will impact on the timber floor, as it would with any ordinary floor covering.

Are the floors noisy to walk on?

No – However, as the trend is to timber floors and away from carpets, a lot of people have not lived on timber and of course the noise is different from carpets. Just as tiles are different to carpets. However, if the noise is of a concern to you, we do have acoustic underlay which will greatly reduce the impact noise. Please click on acoustic in the web site or contact Trojan Timbers for more information.

Why do I need to leave an expansion gap?

As the multi layer system is timber and we all know timber expands and contracts, we allow a 10 to 15 mm gap for the movement in the timber. Without the expansion gap the floor will only have one place to go and that is up, resulting in a warped and damaged floor.

Can I put the timber in wet areas such as bathrooms?

No, we do not recommend our floor be installed in bathrooms or saunas, as the humidity cannot be controlled to normal living levels and runs the risk of damaging the floor.

What do you mean by a multi layer construction?

PRO-FLOOR is constructed in three layers of timber, the top decorative layer (the face) with a hardwood core of solid hardwood 9.5mm thick followed by the final base layer which acts as a balancer, to keep the floor stable.

What is the advantage of a PRO-FLOOR construction?

In a word – Stability. The multi layer system adds stability to the floors. The filets in the core are designed to move vertically when moisture is absorbed into the floor. At the same time the base layer and the decorative layer spread horizontally.

This engineered system designed with the knowledge of how timber reacts to moisture ensures the floor expands and contracts in an even fashion. The end result is a stable fully engineered floor that will perform year in and year out.

What is the thickness of the timber?

14.5 mm.

What is the wear layer thickness?

Approximately 4 mm.

How long are the boards?

Each board is a maximum of 1820 mm long; some smaller boards are in random cartons and are used as starters.

How many designs/specie is available?

The floor is available in three strip parquet and single planks. The single planks are 90 mm or 145 mm wide. Trojan Timbers can offer just about any specie dependent on volume. However we actively stock all the main specie you would expect such as Jarrah, Blackbutt, Nyatoh, Kempas, European Oak, Beech, Merbau, Australian Ash, Hevea, Bamboo and Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry).

Are our Floors Guaranteed?

PRO-FLOOR is offered with a 30 year warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

Structural integrity of the planks that is to say that under normal use the floor is guaranteed against delaminating for a minimum period of thirty years.

What is the surface finished with?

Seven coats of UV stabilised acrylic lacquer in a matte or oiled finish, depending on which design you choose.

Is PRO-FLOOR suitable for commercial applications?

PRO-FLOOR is not only suitable, it is fully guaranteed in commercial applications.

Can I sand the floor?

Yes that is a key advantage of the PRO-FLOOR multi layer system. The floor can be re-sanded multiple times ensuring your floor can be restored to its original condition after many years of performance.

Can I get the floor installed?

Yes, Trojan Timbers have our own in house installation team. Contact us for more information or go to “Installation” on this web site for further detail.