Specialist Import Services

If you google importing agents you may come up with companies that offer to find you all sorts of goods, ask you to join a club and even offer you your own franchise in overseas importing.

Trojan won’t offer you the world of consumer goods, it is impossible to be an expert on all products, you may be an expert in your field and yet you have rightly decided to find and utilize the services of a professional import agent.
Therefore it stands to reason that an import agent or company cannot have a standby expert on all products and all industries.

Trojan offer thirty years of experience directly and indirectly related to the importation of goods with a specific focus on building materials and goods particularly wood based.

We have utilised our expertise to develop our own core wholesale business and helped many companies source product and develop products.

Trojan have well established industry contacts in Europe and Asia, with an Australian owned joint venture partner based in Hong Kong we are well placed to source and control imports from China.
Our products of expertise include:

All Forms of Plywood
• Formply
• Polyester plywood
• Structual plywood
• Veneered plywood
• Bending ply
• General plywood

Other Panel Products
• Hardboard
• Pegboard
• Blackboard
• OSB Board
• Fibre cement
• HP Laminate
• Laminated Particle Board
• MDF Sheeting

Value Added Products
• Blockboard all thickness’s
• Blockboard door planks – fire resistant and standard
• Solid Joinery Doors
• Engineered doors including FSC
• Furniture and furniture components
• Kitchens and Vanities
• Windows
• Fixed Louvre’s
• Profile bench tops

Commodity Timbers
• Decking
• Raw Lumber
• Skirting , Scotia and Door Jambs and Mouldings